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WebTOS: Terms of Service

Present a network usage policy to your users before they log on.
  • Show before LAN access
  • Show before using extranet services
  • Fully customizable
With WebTOS your organization can display a fully configurable "Terms of Service" or "license agreement" dialog to your web users before they are allowed HTTP access. WebTOS is useful for the following scenarios:
  • If you want to present your internal users with a TOS screen before letting them use the web.
  • If you need external Internet users to agree to a TOS prior to accessing one or more of your published servers.
WebTOS is compatible with ISA 2004 and 2006 servers.

Best solution: Captivate

WebTOS has been generally superceded by our newer and far more flexible filter product, Captivate. For recommendations on what filter is right for you, please contact us.