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IsaScript for TMG and ISA Server

The ultimate in flexibility and rapid development for the ISA/TMG platform.
  • Meet custom business requirements
  • Augment built-in HTTP filtering
  • Code your own using Lua scriptin
  • Or use our expert development
Microsoft provides a powerful API to interact with web content passing through the ISA/TMG proxy, allowing dramatic expansion and control over its feature set. But there are many limitations:
  • In the ISA/TMG interface, there is no facility to add or modify HTTP headers, just to block them.
  • In the ISA/TMG interface, there is no facility to modify request or response bodies, just a limited ability to block by simple signatures.
  • Filters must be coded as C/C++ DLLs.
  • A high level of expertise is needed to avoid memory leaks or crashing the firewall service!
  • It is very work-intensive to build a proof of concept filter.
  • Due to the need for expert development, producing even small filters may be prohibitively expensive for many organizations.


IsaScript from Collective Software is a filter for ISA 2006/2004 and TMG that wraps the web filtering API and exposes it via the popular and easy to learn Lua scripting language. Create filters the fast and easy way.
  • Majority of the web filter API is exposed to Lua script.
  • Improved content matching abilities not available in the native ISA/TMG API.
  • No knowledge of C/C++ needed.
  • Lua errors are handled and reported gracefully; no need to worry about memory leaks or firewall crashing.
  • Useful for rapid filter prototyping, or even on production systems. Lua scripting incurs only a minimal performance overhead.
  • Veteran ISA filter developers will find IsaScript intuitive to use, because it mirrors the C/C++ API in many ways.
  • Build your own filters, or take advantage of our expert consultants to help create the perfect solution.
  • IsaScript filter development work is far less expensive than building a native C/C++ filter.
We continue to refine and add features to IsaScript to make it a more complete solution. We invite your feedback and feature suggestions.