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IP Binder
IP Binderv1.1.1
$220 / server   Buy for TMG
$220 / server   Buy for ISA

IP Binder for TMG and ISA Server

Specify identity of outbound connections. One-to-one NAT, Static NAT

Have more than one external IP address?

  • Select which IP addresses to use
  • Integrates with ISA/TMG management console
  • Unique configuration for each rule
  • Use for SMTP, web, or any TCP protocol

ISA and TMG server lack the ability to choose among several external IP addresses for outbound traffic.  This feature is sometimes referred to as Static NAT or one-to-one NAT.  IP Binder from Collective Software gives you easy source IP address control in ISA 2006/2004 and Forefront TMG.

IP Binder Features

  • Configure access rules to specify what IP should be used as the local source address.
  • Works for outbound HTTP web proxy traffic
  • Bind to any TCP protocol in ISA/TMG, such as outbound SMTP
  • Compatible with arrays where each server has different external IP addresses
  • Default behavior of access rules is preserved automatically unless you change them


  • IP Binder is only operable for TCP protocols, UDP/ICMP not supported
  • This does not "spoof" IP addresses; only works with the real external IPs of the server
  • This is not a load-balancing or ISP failover product. It does not manage routing rules, only selects the source IP address to use for each access rule
  • ISA/TMG already support inbound one-to-one NAT connections; this is the concept referred to as Web Publishing and Server Publishing.  To bind an IP address for incoming connections you do not need any filters.