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FlexForm: Login form integration

Tired of having to "log in twice"-- once to ISA/TMG and then again to your extranet applications?
  • Automated, customizable form-filling
  • Securely store and post user credentials
FlexForm from Collective Software augments the capabilities of ISA 2006 and Forefront TMG, allowing it to interact with your internal back-end web login forms and seamlessly sign in the user (provided they can use the same credentials).


  • Configure FlexForm with normal publishing rules. You “publish” each form page with separate settings for interaction.
  • Select a form on the page by name attribute or by number (e.g. find the third <form> tag on the page)
  • Fill in username and password values automatically.
  • Automatically scans the page to learn the form's POST URL and all default values to send.
  • Set specific field values or override defaults on the page.